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environmental friendly – rich on protein – soy dairy and gluten free – contains all essential amino acids – rich on iron – extremely water efficient  – insects are eaten regularly by 80 % of the world’s population

Producing one kg of crickets only requires eight litres of water. As a comparison one kg of beef requires roughly 17,000 litres. In addition 100 kg of feed will give you 60 kgs of crickets, but only 15 kg of pork or 5 kg of beef. Crickets are also easy to transport without having to waste energy on keeping the freight refrigerated. Another benefit with crickets is that you eat the entire crickets which is not the case with other livestock. Read more about the benefits under why crickets

Crickets are protein rich containing roughly 67 % protein. As a comparison, beef contains 26 % protein. Crickets are a low calorie source of protein which gives you satiety with less calories. Our crickets are also packed with Omega 3 that have several health benefits, including reducing the risk for cancer. We could go on forever, because crickets are rich on protein, rich on iron, one of few non dairy-sources of calcium and rich on fibre. In addition to all of the above, crickets are really tasty, try them out in our store!

Insects are eaten regularly by roughly 80 % of the world’s population. It is time for Europe to start consuming crickets like the rest of the would. By doing so we can reduce emissions and improve our personal health. 

Protein is a vital part of our diet, especially for persons who have an active lifestyle. Today’s protein sources are however related with many negative impacts, both from a global and micro perspective. For instance, did you know that livestock production count for 25% of the world’s total green house gas emissions? Did you also know that the health impacts of artificially protein sources are unclear? How about to combine an active and healthy lifestyle with a sustainable way of living? Crickbars wants to make that possible. We offer products based on dairy free cricket flour, which contains more than 60% natural protein. And its production process does not impact the environment adversely. Start to make a change. Today.

Products Below are a few of our products, go to store for the full range of cricket products is home of the Crick Bar, a really tasty bar packed with natural protein from crickets. Did you know that 2 billion people eat insects regularly? Or that replacing other traditional protein sources with crickets could dramatically reduce the environmental impact? Crickets are the future protein source that has all the attributes needed in a modern society. It is healthy, very good for the environment and packed with protein.

In addition to the Crick Bars (cricket bars) we are offering our high quality cricket flour, we call it Crick flour which is the same cricket flour as contained in our Crick Bars. More products will soon be launched. is naturally different and is leading the protein revolution by introducing crickets as a natural part of peoples diets in Europe. Buy our products under Store or read more about crickets and cricket flour under Why Crickets.