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Why Crickets Below you find some of the most frequently asked questions. Just email us if there is something else you wonder

There are tons of reasons for consuming crickets as a natural part of a diet. Crickets are a rich and natural protein source. With we aim to normalise the consumption of crickets in the Europe. A majority of the world’s population are already consuming insects voluntarily on a regularly basis as a natural part of their diet. Read more about the health and environmental effects of crickets under under some of the other paragraphs.

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We are based in Sweden.

We are aiming to provide a webshop within a short period of time.

Insects are voluntarily consumed in 80 per cent of the world’s countries. In our society it is however not a very common thing to swing by your grocery store and buy some insects for dinner. We want to change that. Why? Primarily due to the tremendous environmental benefits with insect consumption. It is time for Europe to adapt and consume food on a sustainable basis. Eating insects is cheap, environmentally sustainable, and could in fact be a pleasant experience with regard to taste (see the section “Inspiration” for some examples on how to swing together a tasty meal based on the products we offer) . will focus on selling cricket flour and crickets bars. Cricket flour is very high in protein and therefore a possible substitute for meat. As you all probably are aware of, meat production results in great quantities of greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2013, The United Nations released a report about food consumption. The report concluded that we will be 9 billion human beings on this planet as of 2050 and that today’s way of consuming food must change if we do not want to ruin our planet. Each individual must take responsibility, which is not always so easy to melt down to concrete daily actions. That is why we want to offer easy access to products that in fact make a real change. Producing cricket flour results in 100 times less green house emissions than feeding up a cow. What are we waiting for?

With regard to water consumption, did you know that it takes about 1700 liters of water to produce 100 grams of meat? A human being drinks approximately 700 liters of water each year. Did you know that producing cricket flour almost require no water?

Apart from the environmental aspects of cricket flour and insect consumption, there are numerous of health benefits.

As mentioned above, pure cricket flour contain a large part protein (60-80 per cent). Generally, protein gives you a feeling of satiety. Furthermore, protein consumption is crucial for people who want to optimize the effect of physical exercise. Cricket flour is also gluten free.