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The story

In 2015, the founders were having dinner with some friends and the topic of discussion started to shift into the big challenges of the world with regard to global warming and whether it is reasonable that the future industrialization of continents such as Asia and India may cause global warming to accelerate even more. Later on the dinner participants focused on their own experiences of different cultures and how people/countries/cultures could, and should, learn from each other.

One of the founders had been in China and experienced the eating of insects, which actually showed out to be a interesting, not unpleasant, experience. The discussion then shifted towards why insects should be consumed, if not from a economical perspective. After an hour of googling and lot of laughter at the most (from our Western perspective) disgusting eatable insects, we actually learned out that the insects actually are very protein rich and really good for the environment. After a couple of weeks of discussions and considering, two of us realized that insect consumption potentially could be one of the sustainable changes that we as individual could make on a daily basis in order to actually save our planet. was founded with the intention to change things and attitudes. To change the way we live and the way we consume food. We live in a society were talking and consideration predominate genuine actions. We wanted to change that and to make eatable insects available and accessible for all people.